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  • Arranged Marriages in Korea’s Past

    The long holiday periods – such as Lunar New Year and Chuseok – are generally a time of festivity and happiness but for young unmarried Koreans, it is a time of stress brought on by the constant inquiries of family members as to when they will marry. But this is not a new phenomenon. Read More


  • 10 Questions with Jambinai

    Jambinai is a Korean Indie/Alternative band who most adroitly fuse traditional Korean musical styles and traditional instrumentation – strongly centered on Gugak – to produce a truly innovative and unique sound far removed from the puerility of K-pop. Read More

Perfect 10s

  • Left Coast Artisan Burger’s Galbi Fries

    This Month's Foodie Find Will Make Your Mouth Water!

    From the housemade sauces and toppings to the freshly baked buns, Left Coast Artisan knows how to go the extra mile for its creations and its faithful patrons. Read More
  • A Touch of Switzerland in Haebangchon

    The Edelweiss Swiss restaurant has only been open for a few months but food-wise has the best quality dinner fare in the neighbourhood. Nearly everything is homemade and fresh. Read More
  • Istanbul (in Hyehwa)

    You might not expect winter comfort food to come from a nation nestled against the Mediterranean Sea, but when the frigid grip of January in Seoul takes hold, you would do well to find yourself heading to Istanbul. The kitchen might be small, and yes, there might be a bit of a wait for your food on a busy night, but what comes from the kitchen is well worth waiting a few extra minutes for. Istanbul’s food is exactly the kind of hearty fare one would want on a chilly midwinter’s night. Read More
  • Paul Matthews
    Paul Matthews is a writer, performer, director and translator who has been stumbling around the Korean peninsula for the past fourteen years.
  • Stafford Lumsden
    Stafford Lumsden has written the Tech & Gear Column for 10 Magazine since July 2010. He contributes to The Korea Times, and talks about tech, cupcakes, and all things Korea on his blog
  • Soyeon Kimberly Yoon
    Soyeon is a New Yorker who found her way back to Korea as a consumer market analyst. She’s been contributing to 10 Magazine since 2011.