Top Korean Language Books

The Korea Herald has spoken, and according to them the top language book for learning Korean is the one written by none other than 10 Magazine Managing Editor, Stephen Revere.

The Herald’s choices for the top Korean language textbooks are:

1. Survival Korean by Stephen Revere

2. Korean Made Easy by Seung-eun Oh

3. Ganada Korean for Foreigners by Ganada Language Institute

There is a second book in the Survival Korean series, Survival Korean: Basic Grammar Skills. There is also a third book in the series, a vocabulary book, but we spoke with Mr. Revere and it turns out that he was not consulted at all, and that in fact it was actually published without his knowledge, hence he does not vouch for the quality of the book.

Check out to watch “Let’s Speak Korean,” the 260 episode series on Arirang TV taught by him as well and stay tuned for more Korean language lessons and videos from the creator of 10 Magazine in coming months.

The Herald's captioners must have been in a hurry.




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  1. Just to give my background: I have a MEd in TESOL, I teach TESOL Certification courses, and I’ve had a few years of ESL teacher training.

    The books I picked up to learn Korean:

    Korean Made Easy by Seung-eun Oh
    This book is very sound as far as methodology goes. This is a great book to pick up for learning to read and write and pronounce Hangul. It’s absolutely made for beginner adults. It is chock full of listening exercises, which is important, because you MUST be able to hear a sound before you can make it. Additionally, it includes metro maps, lots of color, basic vocab, and places to practice writing in the book.

    Surviving in Korean by Yeong-Ju Lim and Sun-Shil Ahn
    This is basically a phrase book organized thematically. I knew this would last me for at least my first year here. I dislike that there are only two pages for taking notes.

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