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In Korean, a great restaurant is referred to as a matjib (맛집), which is an abbreviation of “맛있는 집” or “delicious spot.” There seems to be an endless number of fantastic restaurants to explore in Seoul, but newcomers to the city may find it difficult to figure out exactly where to go and what to eat.

At 10 Magazine, we’ve compiled a list of 5 Seoul-based foodie Instagrammers who will help you find some of the best matjibs in the city. So, whether you’re looking for local spots that serve the best Korean food, or a place that will give you a taste of home, hopefully this article can help you out!

Fat Girl’s Food Guide | 13K Followers

Kimchi Hangover | 12K Followers

Zenkimchi | 12k Followers

A nice beefy galbitang at Sulban Naengmyeon 설반냉면

A post shared by Korea's #1 food blog (@zenkimchi) on

Seoul_eats | 11k Followers

이색적인 음식으로 입소문이 많이 난 성수동의 대표 맛집 플라잉볼 에그팩토리! (Flying Ball Egg Factory, a famous place which is located in Sungsu-Dong, went viral with special foods!) – #플라잉볼 에그팩토리 : 서울 성동구 성수동1가 656-947 2층 (Photo by : @zzi_bak2) – #분위기 : 외관은 옛날 공장 건물 느낌이 팍팍 풍기는 곳인데, 막상 안으로 들어가보면 1층은 현대식으로 개조해 깔끔하고 모던한 카페느낌이며, 2층은 귀여우면서도 투박한 느낌을 받아 인상깊은 곳이에요~ – #추천메뉴 #계란크림파스 12,000원 – 오리지털 크림소스와 부드러운 계란 노른자가 만나 더욱 찐하고 맛있는 크림파스타 #지옥에서 온 계란밥 16,500원 – 특별 간장소와 계란 노른자의 만남으로 흡사 지옥에 빠진 계란 모습의 매콤한 간장계란밥 – #성수맛집 #플라잉볼 #에그팩토리 #계란공장 #뚝섬맛집 #서울숲맛집 #루프탑 #서울맛집 #FlyingBall #Egg #Factory #맛스타그램 #foodstagram

A post shared by 서울의 맛, 노크를 해주세요. (Knock) (@seoul_eats) on

Tasty_food1004 | 64k Followers

오늘 저녁은 #연어덮밥 😍 맛있네요~

A post shared by 맛집/먹스타그램/음식/푸드/먹방 (@tasty_food1004) on


Also, don’t forget about our humble foodstagram!

10magfood | 3K Followers

Perfect for this weather! ❄️🍜 . . . Credits to @natashanoms

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