Gangwon Pyeongchan 2018
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Mount Fishtail, a restaurant located near Cheonan Station, stays faithful to traditional cooking methods. The owners, a welcoming Nepalese couple, even imported a genuine Tandoor oven from India to ensure authentic flavors. They pride themselves on their Tandoori chicken and crispy baked naan and also sell various ingredients to help you create your own Indian-inspired cuisine.

The extensive, reasonably priced menu includes a dinner special for two: tandoori chicken and naan, curry and rice, and crunchy vegetable samosa with lassi to drink (W25,000). The food is simply outstanding. Each flavourful dish will have you oohing and aahing in a manner not entirely suitable for the dinner table. But they’re just that good. Head to Cheonan to see for yourself. 041-555-3612 [email protected]

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Words by Stacey Siebritz and shots by Rhys Brindle

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