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Deogyusan Resort | Muju, Jeollabuk-do


Skiers and snow boarders can experience ultimate thrills from sunrise to sunset…, and through the night. Deogyusan Resort winter sports facilities are globally recognized and widely acclaimed by ski and snowboard experts.

Perhaps the most scenic layout of any ski resort in Korea. A beautiful panorama awaits you at the highest summit of any ski station in the country (approximately 1530 m).

Catch some “Hermanator” time on the summit runs! Again, plenty of nearby accomodations.It is rail-accessible and also the only major resort south of Seoul (it is located S.E. of Daejeon in North Jeolla Province).

If you take the train from Seoul Station to Yeongdong Station, it is a reasonable trip by local shuttle bus (daytime hours only) or taxi if you are travelling with friends.

As far as I am aware, Muju also has the only real Nordic ski terrain in Korea – a 48 km jaunt from Muju to Chonju.

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