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EtonHouse Dongtan | Hwaseong-si, Bansong-dong


Etonhouse Korea Dongtan is located in Bansongdong which is the provincial capital of Dongtan new town province. The school started operations in March 2011 and offers preschool education.

EtonHouse Dongtan accommodates children ranging from 30 months (Nursery) to 7 years (Kindergarten 2). All early years learning is inquiry based and a collaborative enterprise between teachers and children, built upon the interests of the children themselves. Teachers and children co-construct  the curriculum using the international Baccalaureate philosophy and the play based inquiry approach inspired by the Reggio Emilia project of Northern Italy.

Etonhouse Preschool seeks to provide stimulating, expansive learning opportunities to develop the full potential of the whole child. Etonhouse Fosters a love of learning and provides children with the skills they need to be adaptable and flexible in a rapidly changing world.

In our school, each child is known and encouraged and supported by all staff. Parents are welcome in our schools and highly valued and we encourage partnerships between home and school.

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