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The Camarata Music Company presents the classic story of the “Wizard of Oz” to the people of Korea in this live musical performance. Watch as Dorothy and her new friends navigate their lives, make important decisions, and fight an evil with together. This is a classic childhood story many have heard of and is now being presented as a musical for all to see. Tickets are 25,000 won in advance, 35,000 won at the door (Children 8 and under 20,000 in advance). Seating is general admission. There are no assigned seats, so please arrive early to have the best choice in seats. Run time: approximately 2 hours, including one 15 minute intermission.


May 26, 2:00 PM, 7:00 PM; May 27, 4:00 PM; June 2, 2:00 PM, 7:00 PM; June 3, 4:00 PM; June 9, 2:00 PM, 7:00 PM; June 10, 4:00 PM


THE PAINTERS: HERO is an innovative art performance that stages the skills of live drawing with incredible visual effects, mime, dance and comedy.

Rather than finding satisfaction from a completed artwork, THE PAINTERS: HERO embodies and share the joy and awe-inspiring journey of creating works of art with the audience.

Ticket Prices

A Zone S Zone VIP
W40,000 W50,000 W60,000

Since first hitting the stage in 2003, Jump is a musical slapstick comedy, incorporating various forms of Asian martial arts, such as Taekwondo and Taekkyeon. The musical details the story of a family of martial arts specialists who have to defend their home from robbers.

JUMP has impressed audiences not only in Korea, but also on international stages including the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, London’s West End and New York’s off-Broadway.

Admission/Participation Fees
VIP seat 60,000 won
R-seat 50,000 won
S-seat 40,000 won

The performance times and prices for the show may vary, so be sure to refer to the official website for exact details.


Since its first performance in 1997 at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, NANTA is now a world-famous non-verbal performance seen by over 7,000,000 people. Each year NANTA is enjoyed by more than 750,000 foreign visitors to Korea.

Set in a Korean kitchen, the show uses kitchen utensils, cooking and drums to create a raucous percussion performance that tells the story of a group of cooks given seemingly impossible orders to prepare a wedding banquet at the last minute!

The show is currently running in four locations around Korea:


BIBAP is a musical which takes place in a kitchen where chefs make a variety of dishes as orders come in. They happily prepare Chinese, Japanese and Italian dishes. Finally, when the kitchen receives an order of ‘the best bibimbap,’ the two rival sous chefs, the “Red Chef” and the “Blue Chef” compete in a bibimbap cook-off.

Their dishes are judged by a randomly selected audience member, who determines which chef stays in the kitchen to carry on the legacy of making the best bibimbap.

The process of making these dishes is accompanied by a cappella singing and beatboxing, and features dancing, b-boying, martial arts and acrobatics. Bibap is currently performing at one exclusive location in Seoul.

For more information and ticket reservations, you can visit the K-Performance, InterPark and Bibap websites.


Fanta­ Stick brings to life a traditional Korean love story but with a modern twist, incorporating western style percussion with melodies played on oriental musical instruments. This non-verbal performance features break­dancing, acrobatics, martial arts, percussion and string music to make for a visually fantastic show.

Feel the heart-­pounding, stirring rhythms of traditional Korean music with the unconventional incorporation of pop and rock.


Performing since 2003, DrumCat is an all-female percussion group that has received the ‘2008 Edinburgh Festival Herald Angel’ award and the ‘2008 Scotland Cavalcade Best Unit’ award. On top of being the first Korean band to win at these festivals, the DrumCat Concert also received the Grand Prize in the ‘2009 Korea Entertainment Awards’ in Korea.

A far cry from traditional drumming, DrumCat draws from musical styles such as rock, jazz, and techno, combining these various sounds to create a unique performance.

DrumCat Concert centers on the harmonization of femininity, dynamic sound and complementing pre-recorded soundtrack. Even though each part of the show has distinctly different characteristics and emotions, the underlying basis for the entire show is femininity.

Tickets can be purchased from InterPark.


Original Drawing Show premiered in 2007 as the world’s first performance to feature both art and painting as the main ‘characters’ of the show. While this is a non-verbal act, the images speak for themselves through the artists on stage, special effects, and music.

The show features Light Drawing / Finger Drawing / Flower Drawing / Water Drawing / Marble Drawing / Speed Drawing.

Original Drawing Show is a popular performance to watch with either friends and families. To cater to younger audiences, Original Drawing Show features a special children’s show on Saturday afternoons.

Tickets can be purchased here



Following the success of their last production, Miso, the Jeongdong Theater brings you Youll. Unlike past traditional performances at the theater, this show is a completely original production. The show mixes traditional Korean cultures, costumes and make-up with modern technology such as projection and media art to bring to life the fantasy world of ‘Mirinae’.

Much like a computer game or modern day movie, you’ll follow the adventures of ‘Gaon’ as he battles to avenge the death of his brother and save his home from the darkness that has fallen over it caused by the devil ‘Masin’. The entire performance is narrated in by ‘Seol’, a sorikkun, or traditional storyteller.

This heroic fantasy story features Korean dance, martial arts, swordsmanship, music, drama, and music all on one stage.

For more information and ticket sales you can visit the InterPark website.

Note: The show is spoken all through Korean, but features subtitles in English.


“Sachoom” is a nonverbal dance musical that can be appreciated by all generations from all countries, as it presents a simple plot full of various dance genres including hip-hop, jazz, contemporary dance, break dancing, and more.

Since the first Sachoom performance stage opened in October of 2004, the dance musical has had over 1,900 performances to this date, and is continues to be a hit with audiences.

Sachoom was the first Korean production to perform at the opening ceremonies of the 2008 Edinburgh Festival Fringe (August 3-25, 2008), receiving international acclaim as it was nominated as a powerful musical.

***Listed showing times are subject to change, check with organizers for confirmation and more details.

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