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The Kyobo Book Centre is a nationwide bookstore chain that has ten stores in over seven cities, with its main shop located in Gwanghwamun, Seoul. The Kyobo Book Centre sells a number of various books, including fiction and non-fiction, educational books, cooking and lifestyle books, travel books, children’s books and books for learning a language (Korean and English). Although their selection of English and foreign books is not as large as their Korean stock, they still sell a number of English books in store.

Also at Kyobo, customers can buy stationary, homewares, school supplies and merchandise. Located inside of most Kyobo Book Centres is also the Hot Tracks store, which sells various Korean albums,


The Foreign Bookstore is a hidden gem in the heart of Itaewon, Seoul, that has a rich forty year history of selling foreign books in the area. The shop sells a variety of English and foreign books, such as novels and magazines. The walls are lined with numerous titles and authors, some dating back to the late 20th Century.

Owner Choi Ki-Woong established the store in the 1960s, by collecting leftover magazines and novels from U.S Army Base dumpsters. Now, it continues to thrive and sell quality second-hand books to its eager customers.

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Paper Muse is a foreign fashion magazine boutique in Itaewon, Seoul, that stocks various art and culture magazines for fashion enthusiasts. Paper Muse may be tucked away in Itaewon’s side streets but is worth a visit for fans of fashion. The shop sells a variety of varying issues, including the latest Vogue, frankie, Pin-Up, Kinfolk, Cereal and i-d.

Paper Muse also provides an online shop for those wishing to purchase, however fees and shipping may apply. Keep a lookout for any flash sales on their Instagram and webpage.


What The Book? is an insightful space for foreigners to purchase English books in Itaewon, Seoul. Since 2003, What The Book? has promised a comfortable atmosphere and wide selection of books for expat buyers looking for a new read.

They also provide an online website that makes shopping for foreign books easy, with English speaking staff to help the buyer with any of their concerns or questions.

However, nothing beats a trip to the bookstore, where customers can browse the books they would like to buy while sipping on coffee or espresso, creating the “homely” feel that What The Book? prides themselves to provide. What The Book? also guarantees the lowest prices for foreign books in South Korea.


Times Square is a new all-inclusive space where you can find a department store, a multiplex theater, a shopping mall and various restaurants all in one complex.

The complex houses a Shinsegae Department Store, which features a number of luxury brands and high-end local products, a CGV Starium, which houses 12 movie theaters, a multi-purpose performance center, a Kyobo Book Center, an E-Mart, a Courtyard by Marriott, a Kolon Sporex Luxury Fitness Center, an Amoris Banquet and Convention Center, a Children’s Theme Park, and various dining establishments.

In addition, several large outdoor spaces, which collectively span over near 14,850 ㎡, provide perfect spots for relaxation and enjoying the nature inside the metropolitan complex.


D-Cube Department store is a High-Class Shopping Gallery and the first as well as the largest shopping complex in Geoje/Tongyeong. Surrounded by beautiful ocean views, Shopping Gallery D-Cube Department store aims to fulfill all your shopping needs.

D-Cube houses a variety of shops, restaurants, as well as a first-rate cinema.


Parnas Mall is a trendy shopping mall based on a new concept in that brings together art, culture, and shopping. It is located in the underground level of the Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas Hotel.

Parnas is also directly connected to Samseong Station, COEX Mall, a casino, and Hyundai Department Store.

Transcending the traditional notions of shopping malls, where products are merely purchased, Parnas Mall features elegant brands alongside artistic spaces and events, such as the Design Walk, media art exhibitions, and daily music concerts. Parnas Mall delivers endless new experiences for its visitors and provides a distinctive shopping space.



IFC Mall brings an entirely new international standard mall concept to the city of Seoul, and features unique design elements that differentiate it from all other existing retail malls in Korea.  IFC includes a movie theatre, bookstore, food court, and various shops that will ensure that your shopping experience is an enjoyable one.

Starfield COEX.jpeg

COEX is a huge complex that houses a mall, conference center, movie theatre, library, dozens of local and international brands, and various restaurants within its facilities.

Starfield COEX is an underground mall and entertainment center in the Gangnam district of Seoul. It is one of the largest underground shopping malls in Asia. Starfield, opened in 1979, offers dozens of brands, a huge library, a cineplex, and even an aquarium.

The conference center of COEX center offers various expos, exhibitions, and conferences each month for both the local and expat community in Seoul. Events such as the International Seafood Show, Cosmobeauty Seoul, and Coffee Expo have taken place at COEX center.

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