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Operated by Lotte Group, Lotte World is a major recreational centre which houses the world’s largest indoor theme park – Lotte World Adventure. Lotte World also houses an outdoor amusement park called ‘Magic Island’, next to Seokchonhosu lake.

Built on an artificial island, Lotte World is linked by monorails, shopping malls, a luxury hotel, Korean folk museum, sport facilities and even a movie theatre.

Lotte World Adventure consists of four main floors, each housing different rides and facilities.

Open all year around, Lotte World is the perfect place to take family and friends no matter the season.


Nicknamed The Disneyland of Korea; Everland is the largest theme park operating in South Korea. The park is divided into five zones, all with different themes and rides. The multiple sections inside Everland include Magic Land, European Adventure, Global Fair, American Adventure and Zootopia. Everland also houses a separate indoor and outdoor water park called Carribean Bay.

Throughout the year, Everland holds a variety of seasonal festivals, such as the Tulip Festival (March-April), Rose Festival (May-June), Summer Splash Festival

Check their schedule for seasonal festivals such as the Tulip Festival, Rose Festival, Summer Splash Festival (June – September), and a Halloween Festival (October).

Zootopia, Everland’s zoo, is must-see as it spans an area of 15,000㎡ and exhibits 2,000 animals and 201 different species. The Lost Valley Safari Adventure features a tour in an amphibious car that travels in water and on land through a route where you can see up to 150 different animal species roaming freely.

Everland’s Zootopia also houses Korea’s only panda bears, which were given to Korea as a gesture of friendship from Chinese President Xi Jinping  in 2016.

Admission Fees:

One-day Ticket 54,000 won 43,000 won
Night Ticket
(after 17:00)
45,000won 36,000 won
Two-day Ticket 84,000won 67,000 won
  • Free admission to Hoam Gallery for the day and extra charges for coin-operated rides, rental, animal rides, and special exhibitions
  • No online purchase is available for Night tickets or Two-day tickets
  • No double discount option including the use of discount cards is available for Two-day Tickets

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A very Korean-style water park, Sea La La houses a water play center for kids, lap swimming pools, a jjimjilbang (sauna), and several herbal soak baths (think apple, wood, jasmine-infused warm waters). There’s also a lazy river, wave pool, and small slides for the more adventurous.

This is a great, low-price park for families to enjoy a relaxing day. A full locker-room, food court, and excellent massage shop make it easy to turn this small park into a whole day affair.

Rates vary from 17,000-27,000 depending on jjimjilbang access. Enjoy a discount of 22,000W adult tickets and 17,000W Children’s tickets during the weekdays.


A Mediterranean oasis themed waterpark in Pyeongchang. Coconut palms fan out over rock structures and azure waters, making this a fun and “tropical destination for a family outing.

The best feature of this amusement park is the breadth of indoor and outdoor facilities, whether the weather is up to no good or you prefer not to get so much sun there is always something to do.

Indoor Facilities include a 200m Wave pool, Frog & Kiddie pools for the younger crowd, a Bathe Pool, an In-out Lazy River with tubes provided, a Body Slider 1 & 2, an Event Spa, and a Sauna.

Venture outside for the more daredevil activities including, Family Slide, Up & Hill Slide, Speed Slide, Rodeo Mountain, Wave River, Water Play, Outdoor Kid’s Pool, Tarzan Pool, Half Bath, Event Spa, Well-Being Spa, Family Spa, Herbal Sauna.

All day pass Adult – Children’s: 65,000-50,000W during summer (July 13th Aug. 25th)

Morning Pass: 57,000-44,000W

Afternoon Pass: 45,000-35,000


A life-size sphinx, Egyptian pyramid miniature, and 300m desert oasis pools greet you at Vivaldi Ocean World Park. With over 140,000 sqft of water sport and amusement activities as well as a 23,000 person capacity, this is one of the most popular, crowd-drawing water parks of Korea.

The indoor zone boasts state-0f-the-art spa facilities such as a water massage system with an aqua pool, as well as sauna/jjimjilbang facilities There’s also an aqua playground and kiddies pools within the vicinity. The outdoor water park offers the fun of tube river rafting, a 45-degree high-speed water slide, Korea’s largest wave pool “Surf

The outdoor water park offers the fun of tube river rafting, a 45-degree high-speed water slide. Most notable are Korea’s largest wave pool (“Surf Mount”) with 8-foot waves, Sledge slide races, a 6-seater family raft ride, and the world’s longest slide (“Monster Blaster”).

The park does not allow any outside food or drink, including personal coolers but there are plenty of eating options indoors. (Korean foods but also a Burger King and rotating American food options).

Ticket prices may vary by season.

Peak Season (June 2-July 6)
1-Day Pass: Adults: 60,000 won / Children: 48,000 won
Afternoon Ticket (after 14:00): Adults: 50,000 won / Children: 38,000 won

Gold Season (July 7-July 27)
1-Day Pass: Adults: 70,000 won / Children: 55,000 won
Afternoon Ticket (after 14:00): Adults: 60,000 won / Children: 45,000 won


A Caribbean waters-themed extension of Everland, the largest and most popular theme park in South Korea expect American amusement park quality thrill rides, extensive Korean spa and herbal soak facilities, and also higher prices. This park has very long hours that make it worth the excursion, but arrive just as they open to avoid long queues!

Caribbean Bay Spa contains various hot spring pools and sauna facilities. Including a Jasmine Tea Spa believed to make women more beautiful, a Lemon Spa to relieve fatigue, and brighten skin, a Jade-crusted sauna is also beneficial for your long-term health, and a Mineral Spa for Muscle soreness. There’s also a salt-laden sauna to help expel toxins from the body and a couple’s foot bath.

Outdoors are running water pools with waterfalls and stone bridgesm a lazy river that allows you to view the whole park from the comfort of your pool, and shallow kiddie-pools perfect for kids and supervising parents to play.

Outdoors you can find several water rides include a steep bobsleigh water races, “Mega Storm”, a surf simulator, a wave pool,

The park understands that all the sun and the fun can get exhausting, so there is also the Relax Room and  the Sleeping Room: Take a nap here if you’re tired out after all that fun in the water.
The Relax Room has massage machines and “relax capsules” for adults. Visitors can also receive an aromatherapy massage for an extra fee.
The sleeping room, has about 50 beach chaises and 10 jade beds. Temperatures in the room remain warm and air purifiers provide clean oxygen, making it a comforting and healthy environment for nap. Visitors can also rent large-sized towels here.

Swimsuits and water caps are mandatory inside Caribbean Bay and can be rented from June to August. Safety vests are also a requirement within the wave pool as it generates 8ft (2.4m) waves and frequent collisions happen!

There are many seven different Caribbean Bay-owned restaurants within the park, most of them offering foreign foods such as Burger Bar or Madrid. Korean casual dining such as curry rice and jajangmyeon noodles are available as well.

No outside food or beverage is allowed in the park, but there are 500W Lockers to store your “illegal” Chilsun Ciders and chips in outside the park. Caribbean Bay has a special payment system called “Bay Coins” where you purchase plastic coins at 10,000W, 30,000W, 50,00W, and 100,000W to use for food, services, souvenirs once inside the park. Some say this is handy as you don’t need to be watching out for your waterproof wallet, while others see it as a way of extracting more money…either way the coins can be redeemed anywhere in the park and refunded at the entrance.

All-day pass (Prices may vary by season). Check out their websites for special discounts! If you flew a certain airline or have visited another park you may be eligible for up to 50% off.

Adult: ₩60,000

Children: ₩47,000


Seoul Land is Korea’s first theme park, with a beautiful scenery surrounded by Cheonggyesan Mountain. Seoulland has an area called ‘World Square’ where one can glimpse traditional architecture and folk items from all over the world. You can view the traditional Korea at Samcheonri Hill, the western frontier at Model Land, and Fantasy Land.About 300,00sqm of the park is dedicated to green space!

There are five theme based areas that make up Seoulland: Adventure Land, Tomorrow Land, Fantasy Land, World Plaza, and Samuchili Hill (Thousand Mile Hill); withthin them there are over 40 rides and a variety of rollercoasters such as Space Cruise, Black Hole 2000, Galaxy Train, Rapid Current Ride, Magic Carpet, as well as Adventure Theater, Movie Theater, Story Land, and many more. It may be smaller than Everland, but closer to Seoul with smaller queues.

A special kids zone contains height-based attractions such as Mini Viking, Frog Hopper, a Merry-Go-Round, and other thrills for those under 130cm. A large coin-operate arcade called “Game Zone” is also sure to be a hit with shoot-em-up games and opportunities to win large, plushy prizes.

The pride of Seoulland is  its unique evening LED Laser Lights Show held during the evening and its many seasonal festivals offered throughout the year. The Tulip Festival is held April-May; the Starlight Rose Festival July-August; the Chrysanthemum Festival September- October; and the Snow Light Festival from December-February.

We really like the variety of dining options here, its a good mix between familiar franchises and cafes as well as park-operated theme restaurants. Within the park’s walls you can find two Lotteria locations and a Cafe Bene. Three traditional Korean food restaurants, a Indian food cafe, and fast-food American and Japanese too.


Ticket Adult Youth Child Etc
Free admission is allowed to infants under 36 months. Please bring a valid ID or valid documents for verification.
One day pass
Admission + unlimited free use of all attractions
(except experiential facilities/ coin facilities/
special exhibitions/ special performances)
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