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Seoul Nightlife: The Hottest Places to Party this Summer

Ready to celebrate the beginning of spring by dancing the night away?  Whether you’re looking to turn up and meet new people or chill and listen to live music, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best clubs in Seoul, all the way from the famous Octagon to lesser known underground clubs. Raise a glass and congratulate yourself for surviving winter!

Octagon | Gangnam

Probably Gangnam’s most well known club, Octagon stands as the 6th best club in the World, as ranked by dance music bible, DJ Mag, in 2015.

Beating out Berlin’s infamous Berghain and trailing behind clubs in Las Vegas and Ibiza, Octagon stands as not only the best club in Seoul, but the highest ranked club in Asia on the list.

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Be prepared to drop some serious cash though, as a night at Octagon doesn’t come cheap. Open until 6am, this club is the place to go if you’re looking to party your face off. Be warned, as popular as it is, it can get very crowded on weekends!best clubs in seoul octagon gangnam

Monkey Museum | Cheongnam-dong

Monkey Museum is a newly opened lounge at the heart of the posh neighborhood of Cheongnam-dong, where you want to be for an distinguished high-end night out experience. It has one of the most out-standing venues in Gangnam with classy and stylish interior design combined with its cozy interior, creating the perfect environment for you to enjoy the music and meet new people.

You can expect to be served fantastic drinks in this one of a kind hip-hop lounge; its convivial vibe will not get you disappointed! The standard of the music is also anticipated to be exceptional, with its launching party in the finest standard, packed with world renowned DJs, including: Shaun, Unity, Kingmck, Al Rocco etc.

It was just launched on 27 July, 2016; owned by one of the BigBang singers: Seungri; Monkey Museum might be new on the scene but it could easily be one of the most popular lounge clubs in Seoul in the future as the trendy hub to hangout for an amazing night out.

For VIP reservation/ free guest, please contact ganjiyong1980 on Kakao Talk.best clubs in seoul monkey museum

Arena | Gangnam

Arena is known for their high-energy, high-end dance parties. With a strict dress code and penchant toward having professional models and dancers on site, Arena has a reputation for good-looking, well-dressed party goers.

As well as an infallible aesthetic, Arena is one of Seoul’s best proponents for new EDM and progressive house. VIP booths are available close to the main stage for those on a no-expenses spared night out. The club is open Friday to Saturday, and is occasionally open on Sunday depending on what events are lined up.The 10 Best Clubs in Seoul club arena seoul

DStar | Gangnam

GLAD LIVE Hotel opened an after club called DSTAR and is located on the basement floor of the hotel. The first, second and third floors of the hotel are operated by the D-Mansion Lounge. The after-the-club star is operated from 12:00 AM.best clubs in seoul dstar club gangnam

Club Avenue | Gangnam/Cheongnam

Intimate and high energy, Club Avenue is a newer fixture of Gangnam’s nightlife longer than many other clubs in the area. The club is a mish-mash of old and new, adorned with marble floors and chandeliers as well as state of the art lasers across two floors — one VIP and one main floor geared towards a central stage. 

The club puts on live electronic events and big name DJ’s come from near and far to perform on a regular basis. For those who are nervous about making their debut on the Gangnam club scene, Club Avenue is renowned as being one of the most welcoming clubs in Gangnam when it comes to foreigners.best clubs in seoul club avenue gangnam

Cakeshop | Itaewon

A bit on the cozy side, Cakeshop is the place to be in Itaewon right now. Open from Thursday to Sunday, you’ll find the best musical acts here, whether you’re looking for hip hop or electronic music.

Right now, Cakeshop is definitely one of the hottest and best clubs in Seoul. Well-known artists have been known to play sets here, like Nosaj Thing, Étienne de Crécy, and Shlomo. Very popular with the younger crowd, Cakeshop is always packed on weekends but definitely worth the amazing time you’ll have there. The 10 Best Clubs in Seoul cakeshop itaewon

Boombar | Itawon

One of the classiest venues the area has to offer, Boombar can’t be missed if you’re out on the weekend in Itaewon. This lounge-style club offers a luxurious interior and clean atmosphere, with chandeliers dangling from the ceiling and velvet couches in the VIP sections.

Boombar is open Thursday through Sunday and plays predominantly hip hop music. It’s the perfect setting to dance the night away in Itaewon.  best clubs in seoul boombar itaewon

NB2 | Hongdae

Plug into the Hongdae’s buzzing nightlife at one of the most popular clubs in the area, NB2! Owned and operated by YG, NB2 is open every day until 6am. Blasting hip hop music until the early hours of the morning, this is the perfect place to get down and have a good time.

Be prepared to wait in a line outside, because it’s a very popular destination, especially on the weekends. The wait in line will be worth it, especially if you’re trying to make a new “friend” in a bucket hat.The 10 Best Clubs in Seoul nb2 hongdae

Brown Hongdae/Hapjeong

Adjacent to Hongdae, Hapjeong has a club for those who prefer a more laid-back crowd. Brown plays hip-hop, R&B, dancehall, and funk. Doors open at 9pm and don’t close until 6am.

If you’re looking for a lowkey place this weekend to listen to old school hip hop or need a place to unwind after a night out, hit up Brown’s dance floor. You can even reserve a table for a group, and though the venue is pretty small, the great music will have you heading to the dance floor to move.best clubs in seoul brown-club-seoul

Vurt | Hongdae/Hapjeong

Also in Hapjeong, if you’re down for something a bit off the beaten track, look no further than Vurt, which dedicates itself to more subdued and nuanced areas of electronic music. Open until 6am on the weekends, Vurt provides a place for underground techno to thrive.

Foreign DJ’s flock to Vurt as well, all the way from Berlin to London. For those familiar with Boiler Room, you might want to make your way to Vurt and find yourself part of a live stream.

With minimal lights and an optimal atmosphere to truly enjoy techno music, Vurt offers an aesthetic that is a little different from the usual club — which is good news for those looking for an alternative to the flashy Gangnam club experience.best clubs in seoul vurt

If your looking for even more clubs in Seoul, check out our 10 Magazine Directory to leave a review of your favourite places to party!

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