Gangwon Pyeongchan 2018
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The Wolfhound has become an institution in the past few years. It started out as a back alley bar off the main drag but not on the side where all the new restaurants were popping up. It was a seldom traveled street, and it was easy to get a table there. For a long time it was a well-kept secret amongst the longtimers.
The secret’s been out for a while now. Bolstered by their quality hamburgers and their fish and chips, the Wolfhound’s popularity has expanded to where one commenter said it was no longer an Irish pub but an Irish nightclub.
Yet the Wolfie still maintains its charm, especially on weekend afternoons. It went through a renovation, getting rid of the big round booth in the corner to expand the kitchen and upgrading a lot of its facilities. Along with the upgraded kitchen, it’s also upgraded its menu.
The originals are still there. The steak and mushroom pie is a hit. And if you’re brave enough to order it, the toad in a hole is a big block of Yorkshire pudding stuffed with sausages, resting on a pile of mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy.
Joining the classics is a steak sandwich that uses good quality beef. You know when you take a bite out of a cheesesteak and half the meat gets pulled out of the sandwich because of the gristle? The beef the Wolfhound is using doesn’t do that.
Some more comfort foods have been added, like grilled cheese sandwiches, which go great with the creamy tomato soup. The BLT is a triple-decker version. And there’s a sausage and baked beans dish, which I hear is a childhood favorite of UK expats.
The big attraction for expats is the breakfast. Before the brunch craze began, with restaurants trying to sucker people into paying W20,000 for pancakes, the Wolfhound had a decent English-style breakfast. The big one even included coffee with a shot of whiskey. Now they’re going to the extreme by adding both a vegetarian breakfast and a steak and eggs option.
There’s a tendency for restaurants to rest on their laurels when they hit success. The Wolfhound keeps trying to compete with itself. It’s still a decent place for tucker.

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Language: English and Korean menus
Smoking: Permitted
Veggie: Popular veggie burger and more
Handicapped Accessability: On the second floor with no handicap access
Price: W9,900 to W24,900 plus wine
Good: Classic pub grub and hearty breakfasts
Bad: Gets loud and crowded
Hours: Opens weekdays at 3 pm, Sat and Sun from 11 am
Reservation: No
Phone: 02-749-7971
Address: 128-15 Itaewon 1-dong Yongsan-gu, Seoul

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