Words by Agatha Maia and shots courtesy of Sound Garden

Can you feel the sound?

That’s the slogan of Jinju’s funkiest bar Sound Garden, and it indicates just how seriously owner Lee In-il takes his music.
Lee opened Sound Garden in 2005. When asked about the name, he laughs and says, “It took me maybe only 10 minutes to come up with the perfect name for my bar. I wanted it to immediately be associated with music.” He goes on to explain that he sees it as a garden of world music, where Koreans and foreigners can find, exchange, and cultivate the very best of it.
The songs blasting from Sound Garden’s speakers will please just about anyone who walks in looking for a good time and memorable musical moments. Lee has one of the most diverse and eclectic collections of world music you’ll ever see, and he seems to keep it all at the bar. From Brazilian popular music (MPB) and bossa nova to groovy Turkish beats and even good old (and new) hip hop and R&B, this bar may just blow your mind.
Shelves packed with DVDs and CDs and a computer with a giant screen help decorate Lee’s garden, along with highly creative decor. In fact, with so many interesting paintings, framed posters, colorful non-matching chairs and tables, and some pretty unconventional chandeliers, the whole place is rather like one huge and exotic work of art. Your eyes (not to mention your ears) will find plenty to feast on when you visit Sound Garden.
Other Reasons to Go
– Staff speak English
– Live music on special nights
– Imported beers, wines and a huge variety of cocktails and shots
– Good appetizers (no food menu, though)
– The perfect excuse to visit this city in south Gyeongsang Province

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Getting There
First, head to Jinju, west of Busan. The bar is located near the back entrance of Gyeongsang National University (GNU) on the 2nd floor right by a Family Mart. Look up for the bar’s huge sign.
soundgarden.cyworld.com 055-753-2248

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